Introduction of the company


Introduction of Company, Objectives and Prospective

Industrial indicators are among the most important criteria for development in commercial exchanges, which are used by the world’s powerful countries as an advancement tool against other countries. Development of steel industries in developed and modern countries is one of the infrastructural factors to the extent that it is considered as the criterion for analyzing the economic and social advancement of those countries.

ARKAN SAZEH was established in 1992 and now, after 30 years of great experience, it operates as a leader in the field of metal and construction industries, the details of which are described in the section of Departments. Relying on experiences, technical knowledge, and with awareness of responsibilities and duties and observing professional and ethical principles, ARKAN SAZEH has chosen to become a symbol of trust and prosperity and to be among the top domestic and foreign producers as its professional vision.

ARKAN SAZEH Company, by regulating its production capacity and being on the vendor list of military and oil and gas complexes, aims to have played a crucial role in the growing space of urbanization, along with the development of civil infrastructures and the increasing demand in the field of industrial, commercial, residential, oil, gas and petrochemical projects, has responded to the demands of our respected employers, which mainly include governmental, military, and private sectors respectively; and also, with a history of investing in construction complexes and steel industries, has been activating in the field of massive construction projects.

This company is trying to increase its growth and development, while updating the knowledge of the group to focus on improving the quality of construction, and by using modern technologies to reduce the cost of the projects, increase the production capacity, maintain the accuracy at the highest standard level, as well as establishing the safety principles and observing the environmental protocols, to minimize the project implementation time.

ARKAN SAZEH Company, in order to achieve its construction and development goals, with the support of Knowledgeable, expert, and up-to-date manpower, high capacity to produce all kinds of metal industries, having Contracting Qualification Certificate in the fields of building, industry and mining, and oil and gas from the Planning and Budget Organization is ready to provide any construction services to the respected employers.



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