Metal Industries Department

ARKAN SAZEH Company with the operating license for the annual nominal capacity of 180,000 tons to produce all kinds of metal structures and Contracting Qualification Certificate with rank 5 in the fields of industry and mining and oil and gas, has executive experiences inside and outside the country in the field of designing and manufacturing all kinds of welded and bolted structural steel frames (short, medium and high), all kinds of steel bridges, equipment for oil and gas and petrochemical industries, all types of fuel tanks and metal silos.

This company, having many machines and modern technology, is able to implement complex types of metal structures in factories 1 and 2, industrial site and shearing and blanking halls with a total area of 120,000 square meters.

Item Equipment and Machineries Item Equipment and Machineries
1 H beam assembly Machine 21 1 T Gantry Crane
2 Kaltenbach KF2614 Plate Processing Machine 22 6 nozzle strip cutting Machine
3 Kaltenbach KDM1015 Drilling Machine 23 10 nozzle strip cutting Machine
4 Kaltenbach KBS 1051 Bandsawing Machine 24 9 nozzle strip cutting machine and die cutting machine
5 Kaltenbach KTC 2512 Furnace Room Painting Machine 25 Die cutting Machine
6 HGP 2020-12 shot blasting Machine 26 CNC vista single and double axis drilling Machine
7 Automated Gantry Submerged Arc welding Machine 27 1, 1.2, 2,3,6 m Guillotine Machine
8 Single wire and twin wire Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Machine 28 Plate rolling machine
9 Shot Blasting Machine 29 Roll opening Machine
10 Electroslag Welding Machine 30 Slag Welding Machine
11 250T press 31 Gantry submerged arc welding machine
12 Magnet Drill 32 8 and 12 T tower Crane
13 Box (Facing) Beveling Machine 33 Trailer
14 Compressor 34 Automatic Cutting Set
15 Co2 Welding Machine 35 Rectifier
16 10 , 60T Bascule 36 Compressor
17 Volvo Diesel Generator with different Capacities 37 Impactor
18 15T Electric Conveyor 38 Total Surveying Camera
19 5,10,15, 25T Overhead crane 39 Torgue meter
20 Lift Truck